Get to Know
Paige Arnone

Founder, E-RYT 500 AZPOST Certified Instructor

Founder of Firstgevity

Paige Arnone is the founder and visionary behind Firstgevity. After years of working closely with first responders, she developed this program. She's dedicated to providing first responders with tools that promote stress reduction, increased mobility, and injury prevention.

Firstgevity is specifically designed for departments that are prioritizing mental and physical wellness for their team.


Paige's Story


Paige is an AZPOST certified instructor, entrepreneur, retired skydiver, coffee connoisseur, and midcentury modern enthusiast. She is certified in teaching Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga.


Paige's childhood was filled with trauma, loneliness, and pain. Yet, she learned how to survive and protect herself from a very young age. She was born into an unstable home environment, where her living place frequently changed.


Growing up, Paige faced many challenges and had to learn how to be self-sufficient. Her biological parents were absent, both addicts. Her dad was in and out of prison. She had little family support and no one to be there for her. This left her extremely reactive and angry.

She did not know how to express herself healthily. She suffered from severe anxiety and ongoing panic attacks, which were later managed through medication. At this point in her life, she had hit a wall.


"I knew it would change my life forever when I stepped into a yoga studio. I learned to be more compassionate and patient with myself the more I practiced. Yoga helped me to realize that I'm able to HEAL from my past traumas and live a more peaceful life."


As a yoga teacher and practitioner for over ten years, she's seen the transformative power of yoga firsthand. The emotional and physical benefits have changed her life in indescribable ways. She is grateful to share this practice with her students and help them transform their lives the way it's transformed hers.